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Ancestry Tours in Scotland

Let us help you trace your Scottish roots...

Highland Tours Perthshire can help bring your family history to life with our tailored Ancestry Tours.  If you belong to a clan of Scotland, we can help you find information about your clan and take you on a bespoke guided tour so that you can walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.

There are hundreds of clan names linked to Scotland and over 500 with their own tartan.  Some of these can be seen here, in this clan map of Scotland

We will undertake research to find where your ancestors came from and we’ll take you on a bespoke guided tour so that you can see where they lived, get a feel for what life was like and see where they were married and buried.  We’ve even been known to put long-distance family members in touch with each other.  

We take the time to understand what you are looking for.  We’ll study  any information  that you have and see what we can find.  

For previous clients in search of their family history, we have helped them:

•    Find old family farms & homesteads

•    Visit burial stones and sites 

•    Locate church records 

•    Visit  local parish churches 

•    Put long-distance family members in touch

All this, combined with our knowledge and experience of the local scenery and history, will help you understand more about your family history and where you came from.

To get started, all we require is your clan/family name and the areas of Scotland you're interested in visiting, and we'll do the rest.  We'll start our research ahead of your trip and we'll have everything organised for your arrival.  Our guided tours start from a one day private excursion and are tailored to fit with your needs.

For more information on our Tailored Ancestry Tours, please contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.     I’m a Menzies; what can you offer for a tour? 

A.    We would start with arranging a private guided tour of your Clan Castle, based in Weem in Perthshire.  Not only will you learn about the history of the castle and your Clan, but you will experience some of Highland Perthshire’s mountainous scenery as we drive past Loch Tay.  

Also, many farm-steadings and burial sites are located in the villages of Amulree, Trochry, Murthly, Kenmore & Dunkeld, to name a few, so we can help you in your research to see if we can locate any burial stones of your own ancestors in the area and include a visit to these.   

Q.    I’ve already done a lot of research and have found grave stones of my ancestors that I want to visit, but I want to see other historic places in the area.  Can you help?

A.    Of course.  Graveyards are a popular part of our ancestry tours, and some of Scotland’s parish churches are in the most beautiful of rural locations.  Previously, we have managed to arrange visits with the local minister who can provide access to church records to help with your search.  For some families and clans, local monuments can be located for you to visit.  Depending on where your ancestors are buried, we can locate other attractions for you to visit, and beautiful scenic must-sees to personalise your historical tour of Scotland. 

Q.    I don’t know much about my family heritage; I have my family details for 3 generations but I know my Great-Great-Grandfather travelled to X in 18XX from X.  Can you help?  

A.    As with everything, it depends on the richness of the information you can provide, but we subscribe to the best genealogy and X records databases to help us with our research.  If you can provide names, dates & places of birth and an indication of the area your ancestors came from, then we will do our best to pull together a tour for you that allows you to visit the geographical areas that your ancestors were born, lived and died in.  Once we have identified the area of Scotland we will be visiting, we can then make suggestions to visit other attractions that may be of interest to you.