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Outlander Tours

Tour the Kingdom of Fife through the eyes of an Outlander!

"Lallybroch Castle"
Midhope Arch1
Falkland Palace
Scottish Woodland Views
Perthshire Views

Our Outlander Tour begins in the village of Falkland, (Inverness in seasons 1 & 2) where we will visit the Covenantor Hotel, (Mrs Bairds guest house), the Bruce Fountain, (where Jamie’s ghost stands), the Earth Gift Shop, (aka Farrell’s Hardware Store) and Campbells Coffee Shop.   A visit to Falkland Palace is possible for those who want to spend more time here.  

We then drive to Dysart Harbour where you can view the Reaper Tall Ship and walk around the harbour which doubled as Le Havre in season 2.; enroute we will drive past Balgonie Castle (Eldridge Manor in series 1).  An opportunity for a lunch break is taken, usually in the delightful Harbour Masters House.  

Our next stop is Aberdour Castle; Claire brings Jamie here to recover after his incarceration (Season 1).  The castle was once a grand renaissance home and you can visit the Old Kitchen and Long Gallery, which were used in filming.

Next, we cross the River Forth (giving you a great view of Scotland’s iconic Forth Rail Bridge), for a visit to the Hopetoun Estate, home of Midhope Castle which doubles as Lallybroch Castle (Jamie’s family home). 

The final visit of this tour, is to the town of Culross (Season 1 & 2).  This picturesque village allows you to experience Scotland of old, whilst enjoying views across the River Forth.  The town’s Mercat Cross area was used as the village of Cranesmuir (Geillis’s home).