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What to pack for a trip to Scotland

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Jan 2020  •  Tour Interests

Your flights and accommodation are booked and you’re all set to embark on your holiday to Scotland. But before you go, what items should you think about taking with you? Here's some tips...

Clothes for all seasons

Contrary to the “Brigadoon” image of a land shrouded in permanent mist and gloom, Scotland enjoys a lovely temperate climate, especially during the long summer months. However, the key to packing clothes for Scotland is to be prepared. Even during an otherwise beautiful summer’s day conditions can change rapidly; so it’s wise to have some warm, waterproof clothing on hand, just in case. Generally, the west coast of Scotland tends to be milder thanks to the warming effect of Atlantic gulf stream, while the east coast is frequently cooler, chilled by bracing North Sea breezes – factors to keep in mind depending on where you are travelling to.

Comfy footwear

Visitors to Scotland who enjoy the great outdoors will find plenty to explore – so remember to pack suitable footwear. For serious hill walkers, the mountain ranges of the Highlands are a big draw, with our Munros (mountains over 3000 feet) a challenge for serious mountaineers – although many are not too taxing for less experienced climbers.

Along Scotland’s 10,250-mile coastline there’s an abundance of beautiful sandy beaches, nature reserves, and quaint fishing villages to explore and enjoy. 

In the cities there is much to see on foot. In particular, the historic Old Town of Edinburgh, with its narrow closes, wynds and cobbled alleyways must be experienced on foot. And, if you’re visiting our capital and feeling energetic, be sure to climb Arthur’s Seat, the 250m volcanic outcrop which rises above the city, from where you’ll enjoy stunning views of the city and out beyond it to the Firth of Forth.

A Scots Phrase Book

If you’re a first-time visitor to Scotland then be prepared to encounter many new words and phrases on your travels. English is the official language, but as you travel across Scotland you’ll hear strong regional variations. In the central belt and Lowlands, you’ll frequently hear Scots, an officially recognised language in its own right. In the North East, the distinctive language of Doric (a variation of Scots) is commonly spoken.

The traditional language of the Highlands and Islands is Gaelic. Once the dominant language across Highland region, today its speakers number in the tens of thousands, however, there remains great interest in the Gaelic traditions and culture.

Golf Clubs

Scotland is the “Home of Golf”; the first origins of the game being documented here over 500 years ago. Indeed, Mary Queen of Scots (1542 -1587) was known to be an avid player of gowf (Scots). For golfers across the world, a visit to Scotland is a “must-do” experience and thousands make the pilgrimage every year.

Many visitors come to play our famous championship courses, such as St Andrews, Carnoustie and Turnberry, however, a great many lesser-known courses are to be found in all regions of the country offering visitors a wonderful experience – and with very reasonable green fees too! The keenest golfers often like to bring their own clubs, but if you don’t want the hassle and cost of doing that, then most golf clubs can provide hire equipment.

Your sense of Adventure

From the Highlands with its spectacular scenery, rich history and cultural heritage, to the dynamic urban centres of the Lowlands, Scotland is a fascinating and fun country to explore. With so much to see and do and experience, the final essential to bring for a great trip to Scotland is your sense of adventure!


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