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Visit to Doune Castle

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Apr 2018  •  Castle  •  Historic
Visiting Doune Castle
Castles are so big!!
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Doune Castle; have you seen it before?

Medieval Castles in Perthshire

Last week, Ian took a group to a castle that I’d never been to before; Doune Castle.   

You might have seen it without realising as it’s appeared in movies such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail and is known as Castle Leoch in the popular Outlander TV show.  It really is worth a look in its own right though!  

It was built in the late 14th Century by the Duke of Albany, Robert Stewart.  He’s known as the ‘uncrowned king’, as he ruled without the title.  He must have liked a lot of people around him, as The Great Hall is huge, and it’s where everyone ate together.   

There are no fireplaces here, which I was really surprised about, but in the centre of the hall they have a huge fire basket which would probably have kept the room very cosy.  I’m glad Ian pulled me out before anyone tried to light it though!