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Highland Tours Perthshire launches Virtual Tours of Scotland

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May 2020  •  Ancestry / Clan  •  Bespoke & Multi-Day  •  Tour Types

Highland Tours Perthshire launches Virtual Tours of Scotland

With our personal tours currently on hold, Highland Tours Perthshire is excited to bring you Virtual Tours of Scotland. These online tours can be enjoyed by groups of up to 20 guests. Tours are available from June 2020 and include an online presentation featuring the hotspots of your choice.

You can choose up to 5 locations from across Scotland. We’ll then put together a bespoke presentation of photographs and provide you with an online presentation (via Zoom), telling the story behind them. This will give you a truly unique experience of Scotland, that you can sit back and enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

For those interested in learning more about their own Scottish heritage, we offer a bespoke Ancestral Tour. We conduct ancestral research based on your own family information and put together a virtual tour to showcase our findings. The tour includes looking at areas of sentimental interest, such as homes of ancestors, churches, records and even gravestones, to help you 'walk' in the footsteps of your ancestors.

All of our current tours can be included in our virtual tours, which include Castle of Scotland, Whisky Tours and Outlander Tours. You can even enjoy a dram (not included in the tour!) as we go through the show and if there’s any sights or areas you’d like us to specifically feature, just let us know and we’ll cover them!

Although materials are copyrighted, we provide a PDF with notes for all guests, which they can use to relive the tour in their own time or show family and friends.

Prices start from £100 for our current tours and from £200 for bespoke tours. Bookings are being taken now, with a 3 week lead time for delivery.

For more information, please get in touch. Stay Safe!