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Drummond Gardens

Our Outlander - Perthshire Tour has a good mix of historic and scenic locations so visitors can feel closer to the characters, and experience the best of rural Scotland.

Unless you’ve been living in a Hermits cave, you must have watched the Outlander TV series (or know someone who has!).   

Whilst maybe not as popular with those of us who live in Scotland, the appeal of Jamie & Claire’s time-travelling universe’s, has travelled across the world and is a big pull to visit this beautiful part of Scotland.  The problem with Outlander, is because they have filmed in so many locations across our county, it’s really difficult to pick a small selection to see in one day; however, for our Outlander - Perthshire Tour we have selected a good mix of historic and scenic locations so visitors can feel closer to the characters, and experience the best of rural Scotland. With the new Season close at hand, I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.

First off is Tibbermore Church, located a few miles outside of the City of Perth. This beautiful parish church dates back to 1632 and is currently looked after by the Scottish Redundant Churches Trust; it is therefore not always possible to have a look inside this church, but you can look around the graveyard, as long as you are respectful to the area. Known to Outlander fans as Crannesmuir Church, where the Witch Trials took place in Season 1, Tibbermore has some interesting monuments in its graveyard; I particularly like the one for James Ritchie, a local farmer who died in 1840, that has a Curling stone on it. As a storytelling Bear, I do find graveyards interesting; they are a good place for the imagination to run wild!

One of my favourite gardens to visit is also located in Perthshire; it doesn’t surprise me that it is listed as on the of the ‘Finest Gardens in Europe’. Drummond Gardens (based in the estate of Drummond Castle) has been restructured and redesigned since its original 17th Century design, and even now you can still marvel at the Renaissance feel that surrounds the grounds.  With statues to admire throughout the garden, and the centrally located Sundial surrounded by a range of beautiful trees and plants, walking around Drummond Gardens is a real joy. It is not difficult to see why these were used as a location for the Gardens of Versailles in Season 2.

Unfortunately, you cannot visit the Castle at Drummond but I do like a castle and one of my favourites is Doune. You might have seen this Castle without realising it, as it’s appeared in movies such as ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ and was also Winterfell Castle in that other popular TV show, ‘Game of Thrones’. In Outlander it is known as Castle Leoch, home to the fictional MacKenzies Clan, but this unassuming castle is really worth a look in its own right! It was built in the late 14th Century by the Duke of Albany, Robert Stewart who is known as the ‘uncrowned king’, because he ruled without the actual title. He must have liked a lot of people around him, as The Great Hall is huge, and so are the fire pits in there; they must have needed them to keep warm especially at this time of year, but you can’t help imagining that they could have been used as a cage for unscrupulous sorts (go and have a look if you don’t believe me!)

In concluding my Outlander day out, I do like to stop at the Deanston Distillery; now you may be thinking that I come here just to enjoy a wee dram, but this is the location of the Wine Warehouse belonging to Jamie’s cousin in Season 2, so is a legitimate Outlander attraction, thank you very much! There are many fine distilleries in Perthshire, and here you can learn about the ancient art of whisky making (followed by that wee dram if you like), before it’s finally time to head back home!

If you are interested in joining me on any of my Outlander Days Out, have a look at our Movie & TV Tours on our website.