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Oklahoma to Orkney

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Sep 2017  •  Garden  •  Historic  •  Nature  •  Scenic
Highland Games
Queens View

A 3 day whistle-stop tour of the Highlands & Islands.

Highlands to the Islands

What a busy tour we had this week taking 3 lovely ladies who visited us from Oklahoma for a whistle-stop tour of the Highlands & Islands.  

We started at the Pitlochry Highland Games, before heading to Robertsons of Pitlochry; I know of a Bear that likes marmalade, but here they had marmalade Gin (which I wasn’t allowed to taste as I’m under age) and it did smell nice.  The ladies seemed to like it too!  

We drove to John O’Groats on the Sunday, passing amazing scenery through the Cairngorms and beyond, where we stayed overnight at the Natural Retreats resort.  The next day we boarded the ferry to Orkney; this was my first boat trip and I quite enjoyed it although on the way back it seemed to be a lot bouncier!   The tour we did of Orkney was great; I particularly enjoyed seeing the large standing stones at Stenness.  

All in all, it was a busy few days, and I hope that our visitors enjoyed seeing the variety of scenery and culture that Scotland has to offer.  They tell me they are coming back next year, so I guess they must have done 😊