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My Wee Abseiling Adventure

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Jan 2019  •  Activity  •  Bears Travels  •  Nature  •  Scenic
A long way down!
Nearly there - phew!

A great way to see our beautiful Perthshire countryside!

Today I joined Biscuit, from Wee Adventures, and his intrepid group of adventurers to try Abseiling in Weem Woods. 

I was a bit nervous that I would fall out of the harness and hurt myself, so I ‘roped’ my pal Robyn in to join me. I needn’t have been nervous as Biscuit made us both feel really welcome and at ease, as did the group of boys who meet once a month to adventure in Perthshire’s great outdoors.  Once we had been introduced to everyone, and strapped into our safety harnesses, we started our trek into the woods. This involved a bit of huff & puff as we scampered up hill towards the wee cliff face that we were going to jump off; sorry, Abseil down! 

On the way, we found ourselves standing in a natural fire bowl; Biscuit explained to the group how important it was to ensure that natural areas like this are maintained properly by people who use them, so if you were to start a fire there you should make sure that you clear away after yourself so that you leave it looking the way you find it. This is important for the wildlife like me, so that we feel that our home environment is safe for us, but it’s also important so that other human users can experience these magical places, almost as if they are the first people to be there.

And then we were off again to get to the top of the 10ft cliff face, for my first look down to the bottom.  Gulp – I started to get a bit nervous again, but all the boys who were with me were raring to go and showing no signs of nerves, and Robyn assured me I had nothing to worry about.  Well, that was easy for her to say!  Unfortunately, because my arms and legs are just a bit too short, Biscuit felt that it probably wasn’t safe for me to try the abseil on my own, so I was strapped to Robyn and, after making them double-check that I wouldn’t fall, off we went.

Now, I’ve looked down the whooshing waters of waterfalls and stood on the edge of many a castle rampart, but nothing prepares you for that moment the earth disappears from under you and you are dangling over a 10ft drop; I’m not going to lie, the phrase ‘does a bear poop in the woods’ sort of made sense to me at this point!  However, under the expert guidance of Biscuit and with the cheery shouts of the rest of the group ringing through the woods, Robyn abseiled down the cliff and got me down to the ground in one piece. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay with the group for the rest of the afternoon, but I understand that this cliff was just a warm up, and the group were going to trek further into the woods to find an even higher place to continue their adventures.  What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Here in Perthshire we have lots of activities that you can undertake with your family on one of our Family Activity Tours; spend the day adventuring through Perthshire, seeing incredible scenery and getting up close to nature. Depending on what you want to see and do, we can arrange it for you, so all you need to worry about is being on-time for your driver in the morning.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Biscuit, the team at Wee Adventures and the group of Adventurers for letting us to come along on their Club day out, so that we can tell you all about it!  For more information on the activities and regular clubs that Wee Adventures offer, please click here.