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Distilleries In Perthshire

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Mar 2018  •  Distillery  •  Loch  •  Nature  •  Scenic
Do You Hear The Bells?
Blair Atholl Distillery, Pitlochry
What's Down There Then?
Edradour Nestles in the Perthshire Countryside
Er... Can you get me down Please!
Queens View, Pitlochry

Who doesn't enjoy a wee Scottish dram? Here in Perthshire you can learn how Whisky is made, enjoy a glass (or 2!) and see some spectacular parts of Scotland's scenic landscapes at the same time!


Wow – that’s been some snow we’ve had recently; I came out of hibernation for this!!!  

Luckily, here in Perthshire, we have lots of things you can do on snowy days that mean you don't have to go outside in the cold.   One of those things is going Whisky Tasting.  

Whisky is a Scottish drink, made from our delicious Highland water and Barley; it goes through lots of stages until it ends up in your glass, and all of the Distilleries in Perthshire have excellent tours that show you these.  Most of them let you sample their finished products too! 

There are actually 8 distilleries located in (or very close to) Perthshire, and recently I visited 2 of them, in Pitlochry.  The Blair Atholl Distillery, which makes the famous Bells Whisky, and Edradour, which is famed for being the smallest in Scotland.  As you can see, I didn’t venture in on this occasion, but here are some snaps of me outside both distilleries and some other locations in the surrounding area.   

We have a couple of suggestions for Distillery Tours on our website, and we can tailor any of these tours to suit your preference.   Why not make a day of it with Highland Tours Perthshire; the bonus is you can sit back, relax, enjoy a wee dram and let us worry about getting you from A to B!