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Autumn Days

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Oct 2017  •  Castle  •  Distillery  •  Historic  •  Nature  •  Scenic
Ben Vrackie.jpg
Ben Vrackie looking over Tay Valley
Loch Ard.JPG
Loch Ard
Pitlochry Hydro.jpg
Pitlochry Hydro Dam
Scone Palace.JPG
Grounds at Scone Palace
The Silvery Tay.jpg
The Silvery Tay - view from Ben Vrackie
Tay Bridge.jpg
The River Tay

Isn't Perthshire a beautiful place anyway, especially when the leaves change colour?



I think I already said to you that Autumn is one of my favourite seasons; Perthshire is a beautiful place anyway, and it is so colourful when the leaves change. 

As I'm getting ready for hibernation, I've not been out and about much, but here are a few pictures of places we’ve been this month for you to enjoy.