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Corona Virus

Covid-19 details and guidance

At all times we will be ensuring we follow the current Government and Local Guidelines in relation to Covid-19. The safety of our drivers and their families is of the utmost importance to us, as is the safety of our customers.

The following will be our 'modus operandi' as we move forward:

- We will only be touring with individuals/groups who are travelling together.
- We will have hand-sanitiser for passengers to use before they get in the vehicle.
- The Tour Guide will wear a face mask at all times when in the vehicle.
- All customers are required to wear a face covering/mask when in the vehicle (HTP do not provide these).
- The Tour Guide will be able to provide packs of tissues, if required.
- Binoculars and umbrellas will be available to customers; these will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of the tour.
- Bottled water/snacks will be provided for consumption outside the vehicle; we ask customers not eat/drink in our vehicles at this time.

We cannot guarantee that all attractions/venues will be open and available to us at this time.   Whilst we will endeavour to book all attractions in advance, we may have to adapt our tours on any given day dependent on local restrictions and Government advice.   We cannot guarantee that any admission fees paid in advance will be refunded. 

All our vehicles will be coming off the road in the early evening to ensure the interiors are steam-cleaned every day.  All tours will therefore be scheduled to conclude no later than 6pm.